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Retardz In A Cave

Released April 20th, 2013.

From the sludge found in the caves beneath the rubble beaches of Oakland, chemistry occurred. A deformation of molecules created three retarded cave dwellers, forever rooted to the filth they were born from. Above their damp carcass pit was laid a road that you drive upon. These retardz listen to the wheels, the radios and the death cries in the middle of the night. From this depression came a clanking, another deformation, but this time audible. Culturists have discovered these rare recordings in the mud pits surrounding the pavement.


Video, Sound, Performance
Atlantis Risen
MoldFlowers #4
Approach Lights Three
Honest Gangster
Lamp Post Country
Buchla á la Mode
Ambient Exploitation
The Chase
Body Manipulations
The Glare
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Body Manipulations
Avatar 4D