GEISHA • N.i.c.o.l.e. video collaboration

GEISHA is a music and video project by Nicole Ginelli and Caitlin Denny. Shot entirely on a Panasonic OmniMovie VHS camera and effected through early digital video effects boxes, the video evokes nostalgia of music videos and video art of the late 60's through the 90's. However, The video is not so much interested in conjuring moods of the antiquaited kitsch, but of reviving a way of making work that was more tactile and physical. Still using computers and the internet to expose the video to a wider audience, GEISHA wishes to seduce you into a new media environment where not only the dichotomy of old and new exist, but where they breed into versions unknown before. Ginelli does the same with her musical track for the work, alternating between the robotic and animalistic sounds of female vocals. Ultimately a trek through the mindscape of a twenty-something-year-old digital native female in America - the technologically complex aura of sex and success in a country full of entrapement and false hopes.

Tiny Mix Tapes Review:

Directed by Caitlin Denny

Produced by Nicole Ginelli
Additional Production by Michael Perkins
Mixed by Michael Perkins
Moog Prodigy by Alex Barnett

Nicole Ginelli
David Russell Stempowski
Michael Wood
Derek Gedalecia

Thank Yous:
Alex Cruse, Julia Litman-Clipper, Daniella Murphy, Masha Pershay,
Laura Camerato, Rosie Ruel, Bentley the Bird, Sky Madden, Miles Votek,
Hotel Armagosa, Death Valley, The Lab


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