#MAX • interactive performance group

#MAX invokes an unspecific, yet present ritual using net-based, digital and analog technologies and the mind and body. The viewer is asked to participate in targeting and joining #HASHTAGS for humans and computers to interpret, enact, and reanalyze. Our real world net condition drives #MAX to create orbs of the daily social media landscape through audio/visual senses. The electronic gives way to a new undertaking of the physical in this participatory action. #MAX is Nicole Ginelli, #audio; Caitlin Denny, #visuals; and Dmitri Svistula, #programming. This Twitter-fed performance creates an arena for indiscriminate group genius through the hyper-fusion of electronic mediums.

DA-DANCE Party #1

May 25th, 2012

Artist's Television Access, San Francisco

Performances by Joshua Clayton, Lana Voronina, Mu Fa Or, Sophia Wang & Brontez Purnell, Sara Wintz, Geeta Dayal and Dominique Leone.

DA-DANCE Party #2

December 15th, 2012

The LAB, San Francisco

Performances by Wobbly, Catharsis of Cathedral, Goldwave and Dominique Leone

Vibration Hackers at The 12th Annual OutSound Music Summit

July 25th, 2013

San Francsco Community Music Center

Featuring tricksters & masters of digital synthesis ,structures/environments/and digital programs for improvisation.


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